We are actively seeking people and organisations who are interested in developing this building into a lively community hub that serves both the village and the larger network of European initiatives. It is to be discussed by the Association in the fall, but our tentative plan is to invite organisations who would pay a small annual contribution (€300-500) for joining, which will enable us to keep the building available. In exchange they can book the building for any period of time (at the time of stay, each person will have to contribute to food and utilities expenses, regardless of the annual fee – see more on this below).

This project has no budget – people who come to stay need to cover their own expenses. There is a 2 euro per day per person contribution to utilities expenses, and an 8 euro a day per person fee to cover three simple vegetarian meals which are made by the people in the house on a rotating basis.

Our address:  8. Rue du Pont, Coulanges-Sur-Yonne, 89480, France.


There is a direct train from Paris at 14.33 each day, and several ones with one change in Auxerre – more information on


In the entire month of August there will be someone in the house – please feel free to drop by and visit. We have a phone number: +33-604-09-6242. It is better to send an sms before you call, as the phone is not always the center of attention. Better yet, send us a message and we get back to you: