House Book

Le Jardin Victor


The renovations have been ongoing for more than a year but still some work needs to be done. However, the house is habitable. It can host around 10 people at present (we are still searching for more beds).

We have a very large open community space for co-working and generally hanging out downstairs, and 5 rooms for sleeping on the first floor, with two bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen. There is always a shady spot in the garden so we eat out there most of the time. The attic is now (almost) cleaned out and this adds 3 bedrooms to the house capacity. There is a large space up there which is still used as storage for various building materials – once these are cleaned out, large groups will be able to sleep up there.

Expectations and understandings

The house will be open from the spring again, as now we close it down for the winter. The plan is to  build more relationships, slowly understand the social, entrepreneurial, cultural and communal characteristics of the village, and develop some plans how the house can play an active role in the life of Coulanges, as a physical space (community house, co-working space, open living room) and as a hub for visitors, connected to interesting initiative throughout Europe.

There is no budget for the project – people who come to stay need to cover their own expenses. There is a 2 euro per day per person contribution to utilities expenses, and an 8 euro a day per person fee to cover three simple vegetarian meals which are made by the people in the house on a rotating basis. We tested this during the summer and worked very well.

During the winter months heating creates much higher utilities expenses, so the current plan is to close the building from November through February. However, if there is a group who is interested in occupying the house and pay for the heating, it is possible to discuss.

The house is offered rent-free by Patrice and Brigitte – but it is a project space, not for private residence. All individuals and organisations who decide to participate need to present a proposal for the use of the space. Occupation will be granted for periods of 3 months, after each three months, if requested, it can be renewed after a revision of outcomes of what was proposed.    

The house is not a storage. Please do not leave your things here. If you are planning to return, you can make a small box and put your name, email and the date on it, – we will store it for one year, and contact you to take it once the year is up. We will discard the box if you do not come to collect it. If you want to donate something to the house, please contact us to decide if we need it. 

Things to Know 

This is an old house, and requires care and love.  The water tap in the kitchen sometimes drips, and the only way to stop it is to open the hot water for a secondand then gently close it. Repeat until it works. 

There is no freezer compartment to the fridge.

There is a washing machine, feel free to use it. Instraction are on the front.

Please remember that we run without a budget, so please switch off lights, use hot water carefully, and switch the main off and close the water when you leave.

If you are allergic to dust, this may not be the place for you. Most of the time nobody lives here and the walls are unfinished in the community area.

The gardens, the downstairs area and the kitchen and the bathrooms are community spaces. Please keep them clean and free of clutter, so everyone can feel at home.

Everything in the house is there for you to use. Please replace the things you use up (including detergents, soaps, toilet paper, paper towel, coffee, spices, oil, etc).

What is acceptable, what isn’t 

It is strictly forbidden to consume any drugs in the house. The French law is very strict about it, and you do not want to threaten the project.