The renovations have been ongoing for more than a year but still some work needs to be done. However, the house is habitable. It can host around 10 people at present (we are still searching for more beds).

We have a very large open community space for co-working and generally hanging out downstairs, and 4 rooms for sleeping on the first floor, with two bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen. There is always a shady spot in the garden so we eat out there most of the time. The attic is still full of things that need to be sorted and given or thrown away, but once it is empty, there are 3 rooms and a huge open space up there, which will enable us to host large groups.

We have a modest garden in the back of the house, and a walled garden a few hundred meters away, home to a jungle at the moment, but can be used to plant a vegetable garden and to hold barbecues.